Stila Snow Angel Palette

08 30 12 snow23

New holiday palette design from Stila promoting individuality though the uniqueness of snowflake patterns.

"The Stila Snow Angel Palette is a blockbuster palette innovation that was inspired by the uniqueness of a snowflake.  The custom tooled, silver compact and custom product pans create the snowflake design inside a hexagon shape. The clear window on the compact lid allows the consumer to see the shades in an open sell, retail environment. The compact is sprayed silver metallic and the logo is hot stamped on the clear lid in shiny foil silver.

The meaning of Stila is derived from the Italian word “stilare” which means to pen or signature.  Stila believes your makeup is as “individual “as your signature.  The compact communicates  the Holiday theme and Brand message that your makeup is as “individual” as a snowflake, since every snowflake is one of a kind.



The shades create the Snowflake design and contain eye shadow, blush, and illuminator that create traditional, wearable Stila looks. The pans are strategically sized based on "use up rate" for example: -outside large pans for cheek and illuminator shades -middle medium pans for the lid shades -inner small pans for the liner shades An instructional lookbook assists the customer in learning how to apply all looks.

The package design gets the consumers attention in a competitive retail environment.  It creates a festive holiday look in the store in the context of a snowflake, but is ambiguous to live on as an interesting design after the holiday season is over. It is the perfect holiday gift."

Designed by Jill Tomandl of Stila Cosmetics

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