Slow & Low

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Get some insight straight from Joe Duffy, the Creative Director behind this beautiful Whiskey design.

"Duffy created the identity, packaging (form and graphics), secondary packaging and website design for Hochstadter’s Slow & Low. Duffy presents a design reflective of decidedly tough and subtly timeless roots with a unique toast to an ageless American spirit.

Originally popular in the pre-prohibition era, Rock and Rye whiskey’s have been made since 1884. Hochstadter’s Slow & Low is distilled and hand bottled in its birthplace of Philadelphia. A legacy in motion, from the hands of a third generation distiller and the recipe of his grandfather—this one of a kind collaboration aspired to re-vision a boldly, iconic brand in the highly competitive spirits category."



Gina Angie: What inspired the design style?
Joe Duffy: The design is inspired by the toughness of the American workers' spirits during the prohibition days. We created a modern sensibility relevant to today's younger whiskey-drinking crowd. The design focuses on some industrial themes that portray toughness, boldness and masculinity, featuring icons and typography with an early 20th century look balanced with clean, organized lines and colors.

Gina Angie: What is the target market?
Joe Duffy: Though we don't believe age should restrict taste, the target market is modern whiskey drinkers (of legal drinking age) under 40 years old.

Gina Angie: Tell me about your typography choices.
Joe Duffy: Overall, we wanted to show the heritage of the product by using historically inspired elements. The name Slow and Low was placed on a diagonal flag that would create a repeated pattern when lined up on the shelf. The icons represent American pride, the craft of whiskey making and blue-collar toughness. The fonts used include Stratum, Trade Gothic and Engravers. "Hochstadter's" type is customized Gotham.

Designed by Duffy & Partners 

Creative Director: Joe Duffy

Designer: Ken Sakurai

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