Dean & DeLuca

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New private label packaging for Dean & DeLuca.

"The Dean & DeLuca brand philosophy is to let the food be the star. Our redesigned packaging follows this concept by using clean lines, genuine materials and no gimmicks. We let as much of the product show through as possible. We focus on two of our core brand colors; white and silver and we use secondary colors only as a subtle differentiator for identifying various flavors. The script font was created for our company in the 70s based upon the handwriting of one of our founders."



Dean & DeLuca Salts / Dean & DeLuca Caviar

Both of these products are good examples of our new brand redesign. Simple, clean & subtle. The product is the focus.


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Dean & DeLuca Potato Chips

Our potato chips are available in two flavors: Sea Salt and Sweet Potato. The packaging is true to our brand in color and simplicity. Since it is not possible to show actual product through the foil packaging, we feature a photograph of the chips on the front of the bag. We also took advantage of the nice bright silver foil by letting that show through on both the top/bottom of the bag and on the logo. The matte finish gives the bag a quiet, upscale appearance.

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Dean & DeLuca Maple Syrup

There are four varieties available in this new packaging style: Vermont Fancy, Dark Amber, Cinnamon Infused & Vanilla Infused. The Infused syrups feature a whole vanilla bean or cinnamon stick that is visible in the jar. We use a laid label stock and finish it with a matte UV coating to protect it, yet let the rich, clean paper texture show through. We chose the jars that best compliment the product and depict the artisanal quality.

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