Lemon & Paeroa Before & After

Iconic soft drink, Lemon & Paeroa (L&P), has been revitalised at the hands of brand design specialists, Dow Design. The ‘World Famous in New Zealand’ brand’s fresh, contemporary makeover aims to make the lemony drink a more compelling choice.

To update the brand’s image, Dow Design was asked to put the verve back into L&P’s packaging design with the aim of giving it a more current look and feel that especially connects with today’s younger generation.

Dow’s brief was to leave the brand clearly recognisable to its consumers as the L&P ‘they know and love’.  As a result, the rebranding holds on to the brand’s iconic elements, while creating a stronger focus on L&P’s unique taste and refreshment promise.  


Dow’s brief also included delivering stronger shelf impact, to provide overall greater stand out. “While maintaining all the vital historical elements, the revitalised brand design gives L&P a more impactful in-store presence,” says Dow Design Account Director, Stephanie Perrett.  “It has gone from retro brown and laid back to fresh, bright and bold to appeal to Kiwi youth.”

“Because L&P is such a well-known and loved New Zealand brand, we had to have a good hard look at which aspects to keep and which to let go,” says Dow Design’s Creative Director, Donna McCort.

“Our biggest challenge was to inject some exciting news into the brand without seeming to change its essential characteristics and its iconic status. While conveying the essence of the product, the new L&P design clearly sets it apart from its competitors on busy retail shelves.”


L P before after