Glasshouse Fragrances Coney Island Limited Edition Candle

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I love the details and printed graphics inside of this package. They really add to the experience with the product.

"This limited edition packaging was designed to create a new and exciting story during the Australian winter, a sales period that lacks gifting occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentines Day.

A mixture of foil blocking, tarnished-look graphic effects, embossing and bold colour blocks combine together to create an antique effect, reminiscent of the bright lights, carousel music and infinite fun of the fairgrounds of yesteryear.

The design works within the architecture of the established Glasshouse Fragrances range, yet sits proud amongst its more subtle counterparts as something special, unique and attention-seeking.



The story is further developed upon opening the pack, where graphics which advertise the product in the style of old fairground posters line the box’s inner walls.

Overall, the elements of the box combine to create a ready-to-gift package that is so well decorated it doesn’t need to be wrapped-up." 

Designed by Boxer & Co.

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