The Dieline Forum LA: Package Design Best Practices

We’ve all been there, don’t deny! Even with your most solid clients ... the dreaded phone call that starts with “this is really not what we had in mind” has happened to the best of us. And as budgets and timelines shrink, it is even more critical to start creative in the right direction. This best practices methodology is a simple process that can break through some of those client/designer communication boundaries. It will set the stage to deliver inspired, informed creative ... on time and within budget.

This session will discuss three things: The methodology process GRSE—goal, research, strategy and execution—that will guide you toward solid client communication; a basic formula to writing a good design brief that will help you manage expectations and clearly understand the path to success; and the power of market and visual research that will teach you to go beyond personal preferences to elevate the creative, be informed, express your vision and lock in direction. 

You’ll take away not only a proven process for best practices that will help you manage a design project, but also a strategy for how to tackle research and best practices in creating market and visual trend research boards.

This session will be presented by: Alicia Goodyear Lichens -Creative Director, GelcommCheck out the complete schedule here.

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Gina Angie