Cuatro Almas (Four Souls)

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Wine collection designed for Señorío de Somalo using a unique range of materials.

"The project consisted of creating a series of graphic elements that, putting aside the established canons, are able to be sustained over time, emphasizing on the innovation of their materials.

We wanted to take a good product, the wine from the Bodegas Señorío de Somalo, and turn it into something unique with a collection of limited edition bottles packed with information, with the use of BIDI codes, which offer us the possibility of creating minimalist labels, expandable with a simple gesture: when scanning the code with a mobile we’re literally taking you into the world of the winery."

Creative Team: GRANtipo

Creative Director: Sergio Daniel García

Art Director: Sergio Daniel García



Chess / Steel: Pawn, Horse, Queen and King. Allows us to maintain the wine with an optimum temperature in the bureau.

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Poker / Packaging of cork: Hearts (young wine), Clubs (nurture), Diamonds (Reserve) and Pikas (Gran Reserva). The cork becomes a canvas of memories, where you can pin photos, etc.

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Spanish Deck / Wood: Bastos, Swords, Coins, Cups.

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Hand, Stone, Paper, Scissors / Sandpaper.

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