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Packaging for a line of liquid collagen proteins.



"We print the labels on a rotogravure press, using engraved cylinders to account for each spot color, and/or the 4 color process used within the label. It's printed on PETG based clear film. The conversion process consists of forming the flat printed label in to a tube by seaming two sides together to make it into the correct size to fit your bottles. As far as the application of the labels, generally you could describe it as the labels are fed on to the container and shrunk to conform using heat source. 

During the prepress graphic operations the printer uses a mathematic equation and grid materials shrink on the containers to determine the percentage of distortion and placement of the artwork. They distort the graphics so they will appear normal or correct once shrunk the % they need to conform to the container. In this particular case, that percentage would change as the bottle tapers upward. So the flat labels would have what appears to be drawn out artwork, but on the finished container it would appear normal size." -Anson-Stoner

Brand name, brand mark, & trade dress designed by McLean Design

Packaging designed by Anson-Stoner

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