Student Spotlight: Bedog

07 02 12 dog3

"The aim of the project was to design a packaging line of shampoo and conditioner for dogs. For our concept we focused on the emotional relationship between dogs and their owners. That's the reason why we chose the informal nicknames: Sleepy Slacker, Fluffy Bitch, Selfish Bastard and Insane Punk to describe the personality of each dog. The brand name is "Bedog" which wants to communicate the message "be yourself" to all kind of dogs.

A Sleepy Slacker dog would represent the typical lazy dog in love with your sofa, Selfish Bastard represents those dogs who are too egocentric and always want to be the centre of attention. Fluffy Bitch are those classy dogs who care too much of their soft hair and last but not least Insane Punk which represents the hyperactive dog who always wants to play. We chose to use portrait pictures to represent each dog in order for the packs to stand out in the selling point and to speak up to the consumers which would be the dog owners."


Designed by Beatrice Menis & Gloria Kelly both students of Elisava, Barcelona.

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