WAVE VIP Morning Tea

WAVE is a full service brand communications agency working in partnership with clients in New Zealand and internationally.

" We tasked ourselves with creating a mechanism that would allow us to say thank you to people who recommend us to other businesses. People who refer us come from all walks of life. They can be an existing client or the photocopier rep. How do we thank these people who refer us to the wider business community.
We needed an idea that was unique, created talkability, showed off our creative skills, promoted our brand, is efficient, cost effective to put together and deliver, and most importantly, can be enjoyed and shared by a group of people. The idea stemmed from the classic kiwi morning tea shout. "

The idea is the “WAVE VIP Morning Tea”, a gift box containing deluxe Various Indulgent Provisions. We gave the humble morning tea shout a makeover with a mix of artisan cookies lovingly made by our good friends at the cafe across the road. And wrote this little story, as stamped on the inside of the box:

“Thank you very much for your thoughtful referral.As a token of our thanks we would like to treat you to your very own VIP Morning Tea.These Various Indulgent Provisions are sure to please when accompanied by a good cuppa.So put the kettle on, take a moment and savour the sweet taste of thanks from WAVE.”

FDesigned by WAVE

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