Student Concept: Sustainable Sephora

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Sustainable cosmetic line that uses replacement cartridges to reduce recurring packaging waste.

"This is a packaging design concept for Sephora I chose to do this past year for my industrial design class. I wanted to introduce a new line of sustainable cosmetics for the brand that incorporates the use of refills to reduce the amount of packaging materials used. In order to successfully do this, I had to maintain the existing brand image, while still allowing the line to be its own separate entity from Sephora private label cosmetics. The geometric structure divided into black and white segments keeps the look and feel of Sephora, while the stronger emphasis of white rather than black sets it apart, as does the clear section at the top of each container which serves as an indicator of what color refill the buyer has chosen, while also lending to a free and open feel which eludes to the sustainability of the cosmetic line."



Caroline Hill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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