Mujjo Sleeves Collection


The idea was to create a frame for the sleeves, much like a frame for a painting or a picture, to complement and protect the sleeve and make them stand out even more in retail environment.

"We decided to use kraftpaper, it's natural, simple but sophisticated look works well with the natural look and feel of the material used to handcraft the Originals collection. We did face a challenge though, kraftpaper is by far not strong enough to build a package in these proportions, the first package samples arrived damaged and torn apart.

The solution was to use corrugated cardboard for it's structural strength and add a top layer of kraft paper to get that sophisticated look. Another interesting detail: the sleeves are actually stitched to the back package to emphasize the hand crafted nature of the product."

Designed by Remy Nagelmaeker of Mujjo 

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