Suite Tea with The Dieline

As a big "Thank You" to our contributors, sponsors and award winners The Dieline hosted a private offsite event during this years The Dieline Package Design Conference.

With a tagline "Suite Tea with The Dieline," the event took place at The Ames Hotel Boston in their gorgeous Apartment Suite. Guests enjoyed desserts catered by the hotel and a signature drink "The Boston Mule"  a delicious cocktail made with ginger beer which included Absolut's Sweet Tea Vodka. Each guest received a gift bag packed with goodies that included some of our favorite package designs from the year.

Click to see pics from the party and what was inside the bag after the jump!

The Invitation:

The special "Suite Tea with The Dieline" invite was designed by our very own Gina Angie

Photos From The Event:


The Gift Bag & Its Contents:

Reusable SnapSac + Brand Hero Bags

Reusable bags go fashion forward: There has been a target audience missed by the environmentally friendly effort of reusable bags. The fashion conscious crowd! 1 Bag at a Time, a California manufacturer of reusable bags, decided to harness the innovation and apply the environmental impact reusable bags have by increasing usability; developing value added styles; and establishing on trend, resilient designs. Under this guise, Brand Hero's principal designer, Lisa Vitale, was brought on board to develop a full collection of shopping totes and insulated bags for this fashion conscious audience. A consumer who wants to be socially responsible and do their part to increase the sustainability of our planet, while looking good doing it!

Brand Hero recognizes that this segment of consumers is not attracted to the common retailer branded bag, with its oversized logo slapped on the typical “recycle” green or tan, one-size fits all bag. Nor does this group have an affinity for the flashy, vivid graphics currently offered by other reusable bag brands that clash with their wardrobe and lifestyle. The SnapSac™ brand steps away from pre-existing, overtly drab or overtly loud graphics with a novel collection offers simple sophistication. The SnapSac™ bags will easily transcend the use from the grocery store into the consumers everyday. From the office to the gym to social engagements – SnapSac™ reusable bags take you everywhere you want to be.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN, SUSTAINABLE CONSUMER POWER: Brand Hero was not only charged with designing aesthetically pleasing products, but true to a socially responsible approach the design efforts focused on keeping them affordable. In doing so we further extend the consumers purchasing power, while reducing waste. This was done through thoughtful form, features and construction; limited number of substrate colors; and one color printing. 

Brand Hero


Screen Shot 2012 07 10 at 2 22 32 PM


Mac and Ninny Paper Co - Bookplates

We supplied six designs from our range of 64 bookplates for the Dieline Lounge Gift Bags.
Each pack contains one dozen self-adhesive bookplate labels, housed in a folded outer wallet which doubles as a library card for keeping track of your books (if you lend them out that is). Each bookplate has a space to write your name on, so everyone knows the book it yours!

Our bookplate outer packaging is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste (which we feel adds texture and personality to the packaging) and everything isprinted using vegetable based inks in the UK.
Designs included our red, green and blue typewriters and the owl, lion and penguin from our smiley animals range.

Mac and Ninny Paper Co.

Animal bookplates

Typewriter bookplates

Sprout Lip Balm Flight

Sprout makes truly all-natural, sustainable skincare in Brooklyn, New York. We use the simplest possible blends of whole, high-potency ingredients—leaving out all the cheap fillers, synthetic chemicals, and fancy exotics. Your Sprout Lip Balm Flight contains one of each of our awesome scents: Cocoa, Citrus, Cinnamon, and Peppermint, each made with only three ingredients + essential oils. 

Sprout Skincare 

20120702 1230 0029 2

20120702 1230 0035 2

Stila for E! Live from the Red Carpet™ Solar Illuminated Refillable Compact and Powder Duo

The Stila for E! Live from the Red Carpet™ Solar Illuminated Refillable Compact and Powder Duo is a packaging innovation because it is the first solar powered compact.  Place the compact in the sun to charge the compact.  When the lid is open the stila logo is illuminated on the front of the compact for strong branding and the mirror is illuminated for makeup application.  The compact can be recharged approximately 900 times.  The green star is the charge indicator and illuminates when the compact is charged.

The package was launched with universal pressed powder and kitten shimmer shades, so one sku can be sold.  The compact can be refilled with the consumer’s specific shade of Stila’s Illuminating Powder Foundation with SPF.


E solar open closed group 1


Monarch Playing Cards

Monarch Playing Cards are widely considered the highest quality playing cards ever produced. Designed by theory11, illustrated by Curtis Jinkins, and manufactured in the USA with premium paper and embossed, metallic accents. The paper is derived from sustainable forests, using starch-based laminates and vegetable-based inks. 

Monarch Playing Cards are FSC Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and they were featured just this past month in Monocle Magazine, dubbed "a thing of beauty." 

Theory 11 


Monarch Playing Cards 21 copy

Johnny Cupcakes Scented Mystery Crossbones Toys

Collect all 10 flavors. Scents including: Marshmallow, Blueberry, Citrus, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Grape, Green Apple, Bubblegum, and Banana. Some scents more rare to collect than others.

All toys foil sealed in blind box—so it's a mystery to which color/flavor you'll receive.

Crossbones toys stand 2" tall.

Johnny Cupcakes 


Hiball Energy

Hiball is now the pioneer of energy drinks for the health-conscious consumer, featuring premium and refreshing Sparkling Energy Waters and Organic Sparkling Energy Drinks made with Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Hiball Sparkling Energy waters have ZERO sugar / sweeteners of any kind and are naturally calorie free.

HiBall Energy products contain a proprietary organic energy blend of guarana (50mg), ginseng (50mg) and caffeine (160mg) per 16 oz. can and are available at Whole Foods Market and Safeway nationwide.






Framed Clothing Co.

Design, humor, and comfort was featured in the conference's giveaway bag this year thanks to Framed Clothing Company's Helvetica Pillowcase. Framed Clothing Company was founded by Saxon Campbell in January of 2012. Originally from Oklahoma, Saxon now resides in Brooklyn, New York as a freelance designer and owner and founder of the company.  

The company was started with the goal of bringing well-designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other products to the market. Inspiration is drawn from vintage, Americana, native, city, country, and fashion as a whole. Through inspirational messages, photography, illustrations, and sometimes-humorous themes, Framed will spark at least one interest for each individual. 

Framed just released its Summer line in June and will be releasing it's Fall line this August. So check out the site and shop to see if their anything that suits your fashion needs this year.



Design Skinz

The main reason I started Design Skinz was to give a designer the ability to express themselves via a skin design, meanwhile being rewarded by a compensation for every skin sold they designed. This opens the door for graphic designers to get creative and put cash in their pocket. Another feature we push is allowing businesses to use this as a promotional option. Instead of passing out golf tees or koozies with your logo on it at events, you can give away/sell skins that fit the device millions can't let go of.  

Our skins are made from a premium 3M vinyl, laminated in clear that protects the design for months. Edges do not peel up and when you want to remove the skin, they leave no residue. These fit perfectly with a bumper and allow you to appreciate the thin design the iPhone was intended to display.

Design Skinz 

Dieline package front



"KIND is a brand of delicious, all natural foods made from ingredients you can see and pronounce." 

KIND bars are made with whole nuts and fruit and are gluten free. The KIND food line includes KIND Fruit & Nut line, a KIND Plus line and a new Nuts & Spices line. Our Healthy Grains are a line of gluten-free whole grain clusters made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Each of the 6 Healthy Grains flavors feature delicious, artisanal blends of 100% whole grains such as amaranth, quinoa, and buckwheat, along with superfoods including blueberries, walnuts, chia seeds and flax that help you fill up without filling out. 






Yes, we BRÖÖ'd a PREMIUM shampoo and conditioner with beer! For ages, women have poured this luscious libation on their thirsty tresses for home-brewed body and shine. Turns out, this barley beverage is hopping with B Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals, making it a Superdrink for hair! \

Today, we've one-upped that recipe with rich, local, handcrafted microbrews and salon-performing, sulfate-free cleansers and conditioners. The result? A "head" of clean, fresh-smelling hair that pops your top with body and shine! BRÖÖ'd with love, from our Craft Beer Capital, Asheville, North Carolina.



Broo03 12 16Broo03 12 17

Soap and Paper Factory

Our solid perfumes are wonderful!!  After all, who doesn’t like a multi use product?  Great for not only fragrance on the pulse points, but a super balm for cuticles, wonderful for the hair, eyebrows….and best of all totally convenient for travel.Our idea for this product was keep it simple.  

Important that it is the prettiest item in your bag….simple packaging, elegant…and made in the usa.

Soap and Paper Factory 

Screen Shot 2012 07 11 at 10 59 52 AM


Patch NYC 700


Handsome Coffee

Handsome Coffee Roasters is about the craft of making the best coffee. It's simple, no-nonsense, authentic and damn classy.

Handsome needed a robust label system and an all purpose bag that could serve as its backdrop. " We were briefed that Handsome intended to have two lines of coffees: Comfort and Adventure. Each line would have coffees and espressos, and each line (and its category) needed to be immediately recognizable. We employed color, shape and a little figure ground to differentiate between the lines and categories. The color system was developed loosely around a 1940's craftsman—workshirt blue, denim, utility orange, metallic copper, crisp white, no-nonsense black and a rich black-brown... in honor of the coffee. "

" Illustrations line the sides and are what we like to call the manly-man items—objects that share the Handsome dedication to a by-gone era where handmade craft and a dedication to quality were a labor of love as well as a way of life. A dip of copper at the bottom of the bags is a continuation of the copper counters in the Handsome shop and on the Handsome Traveler. It adds just a touch of elegance to the otherwise practical bags. The system is intended to be humble and utilitarian with every detail lovingly applied. "

Handsome Coffee Roasters


HCR 01 Family

 and a BIG Thank You to Madison Floral who provided us with the beautiful floral arrangements.