Bluebird Wine

07 17 12 blue

I adore the cool blue hues in this branding. The wine pouch is perfectly portable and very well designed.

"Bluebird (bloo’bûrd’) n. - not a bird, instead a long sunny day perfect for playing in the mountains. Our objective was to create a new brand geared towards outdoorsy people. Our client, Home Team Wines, did not want a “critter” brand, they wanted to evoke a sense of the mountains on a perfectly sunny day. A wood block illustration of a tree and the sun are combined with hand drawn type to give the wine a handmade small production feeling. Layers of yellow and blue background texture evoke the warmth of the sun, and help visually define a perfect Bluebird day. After a successful launch, Bluebird was extended to the brand new AstraPouch, an eco friendly and light weight wine bag perfect for picnicking, camping and backpacking. The design creates an overall feel appropriate for the outdoor orientated younger wine consumer."



Designed by CF Napa

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