Vitaritma is a lifestyle brand, dedicated to modern women, active, but focused on health and beauty.

Vitaritma are day-to-day vitamins, that you wear in your purse; their use is not limited only to those who have a vitamin deficiency problem, but also for a healthy lifestyle. The pills are fruity flavoured ( orange, lemon, grapefruit, berries) and chewable. The pocket friendly packaging is easy to carry in all circumstances.The visual system emphasizes the product range characteristics with an overall trendy, sophisticated, chique look & feel.

The “V” icon stands for Vitaritma and is “accessorized” with derived symbols, mixed in various abstract shapes & colors that are suggestive for each product benefit: Relax - calming effect without drowsiness, increases the level of attention and concentration – the symmetry of the symbol & blue color coding suggests the idea of balance & serenityFitness – helps burn fat – the symbol suggests a woman’s thin waist & the green color coding stands for a healthy fresh dietEnergy – for vitality & energy – the symbol expansion & orange color coding are suggestive for the burst of energy Immunity - strengthens immunity – the expanded symbol suggests the idea of protectionThe color palette and combination is relevant to the complex formula with special ingredients: Suntheanine- green tea natural extract, coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitin – stimulates fat metabolism , Guarana –rich in caffeine.Package displays were created for each product, that highlight the color coding & visual system for optimal differentiation.

Designed by B.V Mccann Erickson Romania 

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