Lumi Inkodye

07 09 12 inkodye2

Packaging for a Kickstarter project for dyes that develop in sunlight. 


"Inkodye is a collection of mixable, dilutable, water-based dyes, which develop their color in sunlight. It allows users to create photographic prints on natural materials.

Inkodye can bind to any vegetal or animal fiber, such as cotton, wool, silk, suede and wood. Once fixed, the color becomes permanent and can go through repeated machine washes without fading.

The new Tricolor kit includes sustainably-designed packaging is made from recycled cardboard and PET. The PET sleeve additionally functions as a photo-negative that helps users learn how to print with light."

Designed by Stephan Angoulvant of Lumi

Kickstart the Lumi Printing System from Lumi on Vimeo.

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