Ames Soeurs Solid Perfume

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"The concreta itself is comprised of natural jojoba oil and carnauba wax blended by hand with straight, undiluted perfume oil. The scent is meant to evoke an orange blossom wrapped in incense, smoke and musk.



The container is fine porcelain slipcast by the artist herself, Sarah Cihat, glazed and painted with 22k gold.

The brass lids are cut and hammered by hand by metalsmith Michael Miller. They must each be worked on by hand to fit the size of the porcelain vessel, which can vary with each firing. Then they are plated in 24k gold.

This is a limited and signed numbered edition of 15 pieces. Each one is produced entirely by hand in New York City. 5 are available at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue; 5 are available on; and the final 5 will be released in the fall."

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Shard Dust Test 

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