Gaffel Kölsch 11

5 31 12 gk

These beer bottles are beautifully unique and I love the record player bottle cap.


"The limited special edition Gaffel Kölsch 11 revives an old recipe from the tradition-steeped private brewery Gaffel. The label’s primary graphic elements - 11 ermines - refer to the Cologne legend of holy Saint Ursula, whose mortal remains rest right next to the brewery in the Basilica of St. Ursula. The back label gives a previously largely unknown explanation of the heraldry of the city's crest that is bound to become the talk of the town - and ensure the short-term, high-level awareness of the product. The special edition deliberately comes in a half liter Euro bottle with a short neck, which is rather unusual for Germany. With this shape, design, and formula, which got 15% less bitter units than the classic Gaffel Kölsch, the brewery is aiming at a younger audience."


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