Top 5 Reasons to Join the Design Revolution.

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Sometimes all you need to jolt yourself out of a rut is a little revolution. Luckily for you, there’s a design revolution in the works. You’ll be re-energized and recharged in no time.

But if you haven’t already signed up, you’re in danger of missing out. Here are just a few of the best reasons why you need to be at The Dieline Package Design Conference this June.

Boston. There’s no better place to stage a revolution than a city that pretty much revels in the revolutionary spirit. (Plus, all those historic sights are sure to get your mind going in creative new ways.)

Networking. You’ll meet loads of creatives from across the country—and they all understand the specific challenges you face. Take the time to talk and you’re likely to discover a new process, an innovative solution or even find a new sounding board for your best ideas.

Expert information. We’ve brought together packaging and branding stars to share their stories, sources of inspiration, and processes—all guaranteed to help you excel at your work.

Extras. When you attend The Dieline Package Design Conference, you’ll also get access to the HOW Design Live Networking Kickoff, Opening Keynote, Opening Reception, Closing Reception and Closing Keynote—loads of extras, absolutely free!

Lasting results. You bring home buckets of ideas that will not only help you think more creatively, but will also help you develop more effective solutions for your clients.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get the Package Designer’s Survival Guide FREE when you register! This bundle of MP3s, DesignCasts and downloads is the perfect way to get yourself primed for the actual conference.

Join the design revolution!

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