DermaLab Before & After


"We just love it when a client asks us to revitalize their existing brand and packaging." Redfire is a strategic branding and packaging agency based at the bottom the world - New Zealand.

" Our client, a large pharmaceutical, launched a 'me too' product in the sensitive skin care category, taking on brands like Cetaphil. Cetaphil has extensive distribution and strong brand awareness, but it's full of nasties - what they call science - to be effective. Our challenge was to take a purely natural product that had proven results and to convince consumers that natural actually worked. So, after 12 months in the market, we were commissioned to undertake this packaging revitalization. "

" What we found was that we needed more than a packaging refresh, we needed a brand overhaul to lay foundations of what the product could actually do. We renamed the product DermaLab to give it a scientific feel and personality and our communications hierarchy on pack was very clinical but accompanied with a friendly tonality. We developed a numbered system to make it unique and easily identifiable on shelf, and a clean, non-traditional look which reinforces the proposition that it actually works."

The end result - a massive growth in sales, increased distribution and happy clients.

Designed by Redfire  

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