The Best Cook

A package design with your face on it.

"We decided to turn a routine of buying kitchen utensils into a strong attractive procedure for a buyer by developing a design of a package for a frying pan and turning a common and boring label into an original label imitating mirror. When you look at this label you can see your reflection with a crown and a title of The Best Cook. Due to this creative solution we managed to visualize the brand essence since the kitchen utensils reflect the personality of the cooks and their dishes. Cooking heroes are titled with a crown and are named The Best Cook for their cooking achievements and the dishes may see their authors in person.

Therefore, the product will always be attractive for buyers by its unusual design. And even those who were not planning to buy a frying pan may start thinking of buying it either to own or as a gift."



Designed by DesignDepot

Author of idea: Peter Bankov

Designer: Julia Nevstrueva

Lettering: Ekaterina Kochkina

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