Sequillo Wine


There is a small group of producers who embraces a “back to the roots” approach on the vinification of grapes - to a large extent this comes down to refraining from the use of machines that change the natural qualities of wine.

This year the Sequillo White label shows an outdated wine filter (take note: not to be replaced by a modern one!) that has been removed from the cellar and has found its home in the rain and the elements and has only one proper use: being a haven for a couple of birds to nest their next generation.


The illustration of the abandoned harvesting machine is in line with the “back to the roots” message of this year’s labels. It is obviously not really necessary to explain the advantages of picking by hand versus doing so with a machine; and then there are also the social-economic realities that machines bring with them and that have a strong impact on any society. The abandoned harvesting machine now serves as a great lookout post for a Jackal Buzzard!

Sequillo wine by Eben Sadie 

Label scans red

Label scans whiteSequillo 2012 pack shots