Longview Vineyard: The Piece Shiraz

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Wine with a story that will develop year by year through street art like this 2011 version featuring Vans The Omega.

"'We feel that the wine drinkers of tomorrow are in search of a wine that is a departure from what their parents drink. They’re after something cutting edge yet collectible, that speaks to their sensibility and increasingly sophisticated palates. A modern classic if you will', says Longview co‐owner and marketing manager Mark Saturno. Longview’s unique approach to label design for their core range, has sparked attention and won awards world‐wide. But the concept for 'The Piece' was born out of the brothers, Mark and Peter Saturno’s love for urban culture, a desire to change the way people think of premium wine and to tap into a demographic otherwise neglected by an inherently conservative wine industry. 'We’ve set out to create a highly desirable ‘street‐art’ series of wines that blazes a trail away from the expected.'


Thus, in a ground breaking move Mark & Peter unveiled 'Krush Klinic' – a yearly food and wine event with a street art competition at the centre of the day’s festivities. Four of Australia’s most prominent graffiti artists, were tasked with interpreting the location or philosophy of the vineyard as a 2m X 4m mural. The winning artist has their work adorn Longview's most prestigious wine ‐ The Piece. The 360° label design embraces the aesthetic and various forms of street art, combining the detailed mural of the winning artist with stencils, tags, and paste‐ups. Each bottle of the limited release wine is encased inside a custom made spray‐paint can."

5 8 12 vans2

5 8 12 vans