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"In the continuation of a long-running campaign, Kokanee, Western Canada’s favourite beer, wanted to increase engagement and brand preference amongst its consumers. The solution was to search for a new Kokanee Ranger to protect the glacier-fresh beer from the mythical Kokanee-loving Sasquatch.

'Who will be Kokanee’s Next Ranger? You decide.'

Six Next Ranger candidates were created and consumers chose the winner through a 360-degree campaign that included television spots, online videos, 24/7 real-time interaction on the Facebook can and a collectible series of QR-code enabled cans.

Each of these unique candidate cans featured a stylized rendering of the Next Ranger candidate and the candidates’ slogan. Consumers could even vote for their favourite candidate directly through the can thanks to the candidate-specific QR code.

The Next Ranger candidate cans allowed consumers to engage with and directly affect the outcome of the campaign all from the palm of their hands.'


Designed by Andy Slater of Grip Limited in collaboration with illustrator Alex Fine

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