The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve

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A marketing campaign story of how real-time package printing grew readership. Video included for those who prefer watching over reading. =)

"Gulf News, the UAE's leading English daily newspaper, wanted to reach even more readers and convert them into subscribers. Our target was to gain 1.5% more subscribers, help promote their twitter channel and increase traffic to the Gulf News website by at least 25%.

Consumption habit suggests that people read newspapers while having their morning cup of coffee.Tim Hortons is one of our clients in the UAE and they serve 35-50,000 coffees per month, per outlet. Realising its untapped potential, we decided to create a campaign around them to meet our target.


Since fresh news goes well with fresh coffee, we adapted the coffee cup sleeve of Tim Hortons, a global coffee chain, into an advertising medium and we created The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve.

Timing is everything. So we interacted with our readers when they normally read the newspaper — when they enjoy their freshly brewed coffee. The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve allowed us to be the first throughout the day to deliver breaking news to potential subscribers and make a meaningful connection with them."

• Until now, over 1,440 headline tweets have been printed on more than 840,000 coffee cups.
• More than 2,900 new Gulf News Twitter followers in the first two weeks of the campaign launch.
• The traffic on the Gulf News website grew by 41%.
• Subscription’s up by 2.8% so far.
• We’re rolling out this project in Tim Hortons outlets across the UAE and in 14 new outlets soon to be opened.

Designed by Y&R Dubai

Chief Creative Officer: Shahir Zag

Creative Director/Copywriter: Shahir Zag

Creative Director/Art Director: Joseph Bihag


The short URL and QR code on the sleeve direct users to the Gulf News website where they can read the full story behind the tweet.

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