Become a Better Package Designer.

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The Dieline Package Design Conference is packed with sessions that are designed to help you become a better package designer.

Spruce up your package design process with expert advice on branding, creating first-class work on third-class budgets, understanding the minds of consumers, and more.

We are so excited about our schedule, we've pulled out a few below, but make sure you check out the full schedule here!


Empower Yourself to Be a Great Designer

When it comes to design, good’s not good enough. And while aspiring for greatness isn’t easy, it’s worth it, especially once Jackie DeLise helps you overcome the obstacles. 

In her session At What Price Does Good Design Become Great?, you’ll learn how to fight the notion that great design isn’t worth the price while battling rampant desensitization, and changing our cultural perception of design.


Private Brand Package Design: The In-House Perspective

Meet Andy Kurtts and Alex Blake of The Fresh Market, Inc., a specialty grocery store. Using examples of projects they’ve worked on, they’ll explain the trials and tribulations an in-house package designer faces, explore the wide variety of tools they use to navigate the corporate world, and show you how they keep their creative sanity within the confines of “the office.” You’ll get insight into the private brand design process, as well as tips for selling your work to non-creatives and advice on staying creative in a world of cubicles.


Breaking Down Walls: Co-Creation with Consumers

In recent years consumers are becoming more design savvy and continuously more in tune with what is very often the first touchpoint they see of a brand: the package. Brands must respond in turn to engage and inspire these demanding audiences in new ways.

DeeDee Gordon, President of Innovation at Sterling Brands, will explore packaging design through the eyes of the design-conscious consumer. She will take viewers through the process of co-creation, and how brands can harness the creative power and insights of consumers to develop designs and packaging that truly resonate with their audiences. Get ready for an interactive discussion packed with big consumer opinions about brands, packaging and design.


Find out more about these sessions —and the whole Dieline lineup —here.

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