Burgerville Sustainable Packaging

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Burgerville USA is a 50 year old, 39-unit restaurant chain operating in southwest Washington and Oregon. They tapped N2O Group to help their aging brand revitalize itself in order to achieve a growth plan that included more than doubling in size and the number of operational units by 2015. N2O helped to revamp their menu, their strategy, their point of sale and their packaging.

Recognizing that one of Burgerville’s best and most cost effective communication vehicles is its packaging (which, incidentally, is made from 100% recyclable and compostable materials), N2O designed a comprehensive suite of colorful and informative packaging that not only showcases the native wildlife of the Pacific Northwest but also allows the Company to more effectively tell their story around their innovative business practices including the use of sorting stations for recycling and composting in every restaurant, the use of wind and renewable power sources at every restaurant and the transformation of 100% of their used cooking oil into biodiesel for use in their delivery partners’ vehicles."

Designed by BRIGADE, the design team and an integrated part of N2O Group

Design Credits : Joe Marden (Illustration and Design), Pete Crosby (Copywriter), Kirsten Modestow (Creative Director) and Eileen Arbues (Marketing Expert)

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