Taylors Winemaker’s Project

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"The Taylors Winemaker’s Project (or ‘TWP’) range allows the Taylors winemaking team to indulge its passion for exploring interesting new wine styles and crafting small batches of wines they are inspired by. The design has four components, 360-degree screen printing directly onto the bottle, a printed label, labelled screw cap and a neck booklet featuring winemaker’s notes, detailed information on the wine making processes and tasting notes.


Crooked Horse is Taylors first exclusively on-premise range. The unmistakable die-cut label is a play on the Taylors seahorse logo, which was inspired by the fossilised remains of three tiny seahorses discovered on the winery by founder, Bill Taylor Snr. The scientific name for seahorse is hippocampus which in Greek means ‘crooked horse’ and seemed like the perfect name for this new release.

The Collective Design Consultants Managing Director Rowena Curlewis said it was a wonderful opportunity to work with Taylors on these bottle designs."

Designed by The Collective, a Sydney-based agency

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