Coffee Supreme

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As a part of Coffee Supreme's rebrand, Hardhat Design created 16 unique take-out cups.

"Since their last rebrand, Coffee Supreme had grown to be one of the best and largest independent coffee roasters & suppliers in New Zealand, and felt that the brand they had didn’t convey their expertise and reliability, or the hand-crafted attention to detail and love of coffee that is at the core of everything they do. In their words, it was time to ‘grow up’. As a whole the brand needed to be coherent, consistent & allow them to communicate much more clearly. That said, Coffee Supreme were also very clear that they still needed to convey what they were already know for; their approachable, supportive, friendly & quirky attitude.

Part of that re-brand (and one of the key touch-points for their customers) was their take-out cups.

They were about to add a third cup size to their line, so first thoughts were to create three clearly different designs, one for each size. Realizing along the way that we could fit several designs on to each print plate then led us, in true Hardhat style, to ask the question 'why don't we create 16 completely different cups?' Hey - why not!


So, here they are – all 16 of them. Each given their own individual illustration, lovingly hand-drawn by Team Hardhat in paint, ink, chalk and pencil, with the three sizes distinguished by colour, partly so that the baristas could easily tell them apart while they were cranking the coffee & grabbing a cup.

Hopefully this diverse collection of cups, with their individual hand-drawn illustrations, can get across some of that Coffee Supreme quirkiness & character, give a hint of the hand-crafted nature of their business, and make that coffee in someones hand a small treasure – something slightly more than just a hot drink!

The cups can be found in all Coffee Supreme HQs in NZ and Australia, as well as in many of the cafes that they supply."

Designed by Hardhat Design | Photography by Paul W Statham 

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