Oat Works


Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging design for Oat Works, a brand new oat based drink from Wellness Works.

Oat Works is the only oat-based drink in the United States that contains PromOat, an innovative, natural, beta glucan ingredient from Sweden that enables the benefits of oats to be incorporated into a beverage in a water-soluble form. Drinking an Oat Works smoothie provides consumers with a nutritious and wholesome meal replacement that can be enjoyed on the go, and is also perfect for a healthy heart, a healthy digestive system and sustained energy. Oat Works is available in three flavors: pomegranate & blueberry, mango & peach and strawberry & banana.

The design for Oat Works uses vibrant color to reinforce the ingredients in each variant and emphasize the great taste cues. The background pack color is a beige tone to highlight the core oat benefits of the brand. Similarly, the oat is championed in the ‘O’ of the Oat Works identity and on the bottle top packaging. The ingredients of each variant are also brought to life through shapes inspired by the contours of oats. The heart icon on the front of the pack draws attention to the natural and heart healthy properties of the product, providing consumers with the information they need to know about Oat Works’ health benefits.

Designed by Pearlfisher 


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