Grappa Nardini


Grappa Nardini new tube packaging by Hangar Design Group.

Bortolo Nardini is the oldest Italian distillery, widely renowned for its grappa. After more than 230 years from the company's foundation in Bassano del Grappa, Hangar Design Group, an Italy-based creative firm, has designed the packaging of the new tube cases for its products. Each tube matches a different bottle of grappa or liquor, depending on the colour: black for the classic Grappa, gold for the Riserva, white and gold for the Riserva 15 Anni, ruby-red for the cherry flavoured "Tagliatella" and light-yellow for the "Acqua di Cedro", a traditional citron-based liqueur.


The challenge was to maintain the traditional elements of the Nardini brand identity and mix them in a more contemporary look: the essential design is balanced with iconic visual elements of the brand, such as the historical logo and the typical reference to Bassano del Grappa.


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Nardini tubes 01

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