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Pearlfisher has created the brand name, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging for Bodega, the brand new Antipasti brand from Cranswick.




"Perfect for sharing, picnics and everyday eating, Bodega is a delicious range of premium olives and antipasti products for the supermarket chiller.

The brand identity design uses a bold, red and distinctive typography, with the strapline ‘Antipasti Appreciation’, highlighting that olives and antipasti are not simply an acquired taste, but food that everyone can enjoy if they find their ideal flavours. Illustration completes the identity with the characterful and expert Bodega Olive picker positioned over the brand name. A bed of grass gives balance to the identity and illustration flows around the pack depicting an olive pickers basket. The authentically designed typography is also used to highlight the product variants, including mild Nocellara olives, Lively Cuquillo olives and Spicy Halkidiki olives.

The design includes an ‘Olivometer’ which provides consumers with an indication of the strength of the type of olive they are buying. Words are used to categorize flavours, for example ‘a smooth and subtle one’ and ‘the mild one’.

Natalie Chung, Creative Director at Pearlfisher comments, “The brand identity and design for Bodega highlights the brands expertise as well as its modern and premium quality. We have shown Bodega’s richness in a simple and characterful way, emphasising that antipastican be for everyone and highlighting the exciting taste sensations. The design is compelling and original, allowing Bodega to stand out in the world of own-brand olives and antipasti.”

Vaz Frigerio, Bodega’s olive expert and buyer added: “When people try olives for the first time, you don’t always get a positive reaction. We believe we have something in the range to suit all taste buds, however sophisticated - the Mild Nocellara in the Bodega range is the most popular olive in central and southern Italy and has a taste that is accessible to olive lovers and beginners alike. There is no such thing as an olive gene, it is about finding and tasting the right olive for you.”

Bodega is currently available exclusively at Sainsbury’s in the UK.

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Creative Director: Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher
Creative Partner: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
Designer Director: Sarah Pidgeon, Pearlfisher
Designer: Thomas Akerfelt
Senior Strategist: Rory Fegan, Pearlfisher
Head of Words: Sylvie Saunders, Pearlfisher