Farm Fresh Eggs


Back in late fall, architect and farmer Michael Rahal approached us with a branding opportunity.

He founded Rahal Farms, which is located in the historic farming village of Fernvale, Tennessee. His farm practices holistic, sustainable land stewardship, compassionate animal husbandry, and educational community outreach in order to produce healthful, delicious and ecologically sound food. " The goal of our branding was to suggest artful, healthy, earthy farm-fresh goodness while keeping the happy animals at the forefront. With his hens producing 400 eggs a day, we scrambled (no pun intended) to create an egg carton label so he could start selling his delicious farm-fresh eggs. He was looking for something that would really set his eggs apart on the store shelves and elevate his product above all others in the same category. We achieved this by choosing a colored carton with a wrap-around label that featured custom typography and illustration in complementary colors. The final label was printed on French Speckletone Paper in Cream Cordtone. "

" Once we  finished the branding and packaging design, we worked with our favorite web designers to translate the printed branding into an engaging on-line experience. We hired John Moessner to shoot beautiful photos and produce a moving film about the farm. Then we asked Kelly Bainbridge to write some informative text, and guide the process to create a web site that not only informs, but inspires people who love healthy, holistic farm-fresh products."

Creative director: Joel Anderson Designer and Illustrator: Ligia Teodosiu of Anderson Design Group

Rahal EggPackaging5

Rahal EggPackaging4

Rahal EggPackaging6