Student Spotlight: Jackeen Beer


Jackeen, a fictitious microbrewery based in Dublin, specializes in artisan, organic beers.

" We were asked to design the branding for four beers that have four distinctive themes but are instantly recognizable as Jackeen microbrewery beers. Wise Guy is a wheat beer, Apache an Indian Pale Ale, Quare Fellow an Irish Pale Ale and Hellfire a Barley Wine. Whilst keeping the branding DNA the same for each of the beers, the unique die cuts and typography selected for each design signify the personalities of each product. "


" In a discerning market I decided on a look that is both modern and natural. A canvas paper was used for the labelling to give a muted colour palate and add to the overall tactile quality of the bottle's in one's hand. The hemp twine wrap around the bottle necks, again has a tactility aswell as a non slip functionality whilst also adding to the sense of occasion these beers, at the upper end of the price scale, should demand. The tags on each bottle show the organic ingredients of each product. Finally each bottle is sealed with a wooden topped cork stopper, stamped with Jackeen's celtic wax seal. "

Designed by Edel Quinn  

Hellfire front medApache backFour bottles cleaned up2Beer labels closer4 bottles closer2