Vigilant Eats Organic Gluten-Free Superfood Cereal

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"The brand/package design is simple, clean and powerful relating to the healthy, pure ingredients and cause oriented stance of the company. The design was inspired by military ready-to-eat foods, since this is an on-the-go product with enclosed spoon, specifically a couple of large metal canisters containing "Survival Biscuits" (crackers) that I have from a 1963 government fall out shelter." -- Eric Kass



About Vigilant Eats

"Our mission is to deliver health-promoting, cutting-edge foods that utilize the highest quality, nutrient-rich, organic ingredients. If we are correct in our assertion, vigilance and integrity will help us form an unyielding army of healthy, creative, and productive humans. Together, energized by real-food, selfless action, and concern for humanity's future, we shall improve the quality of food and education entering the bodies and minds of our fellow citizens. As our numbers increase, junk-food, junk-science, and junk public-policy will collapse under the weight of the Food Revolution. End Food-Corruption, please join our legion.

In time, we wish to persuade the companies providing our packaging to further their dedication to sustainability. There will be a campaign for fans of VE to email and call the companies who supply our cups, lids, spoons, and boxes. We welcome your suggestions."

Designed by Eric Kass of Funnel

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