India in a Bar

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"Packaging created for a range of chocolate bars inspired by unique flavours found in some of the regions across the Indian sub-continent.Conceptualized by Alok Nanda and Company for Filter, each wrapper uses traditional motifs and graphics to bring alive the design. From paisley prints and lace patterns to traditional borders and regional elements, it’s all been represented in monochromatic glory to veer away from the pop colours and kitsch designs commonly linked to India. The result is packaging with a refinement and elegance that’s rather delicious, even if we do say so ourselves. The chocolates are available in six variants. Madras Kapi (Coffee), Local Nimboo Sherbet (Lime), Indian Paan (Betel Leaf), Gujarati Aamras (Mango), Kerala Dalchini (Cinnamon) and Parsi Ceremonial Rose."


Designed by Alok Nanda and Company

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