ChokaBlok Easter Eggs

03 07 12 chokablok1

Just time for Easter this egg packaging is designed to stand out on store shelves.

"Leading London design agency Mayday has unveiled packaging designs for ChokaBlok Easter Eggs, a new range of luxury Easter eggs that extends their design work for this ice cream brand into the confectionery gifting sector. Mayday also devised the variant naming – Starstruck Supernova egg, The Rocky Road of Love egg, The Chocolate Extremist egg and Billionaires Dynamite egg, which give the brand a quirky modern feel that is fun and foodie as well as indulgent and witty. Mayday originally developed the brand name, brand identity, packaging design and structural design for ChokaBlok ice cream for supermarket giant Tesco, and is now using packaging design strategically to extended the brand into new territories. The brand had seen sales of £1.5m by October and is on track to double the forecasted sales targets in its first year to market.


The designs use blocks of type and bold colours that reinforce the brand’s chunky credentials, and a clear product window reveals the generously topped eggs to underline the proposition that they are crammed chok-full of tasty ingredients.

Mayday’s Barry Gillibrand says – ‘The design of this new brand extension continues to build a very clear proposition for ChokaBlok with a design that reinforces the brand equity by featuring the product as hero and using contemporary bold colours that have really great stand out in the noisy graphic clutter of the Easter chocolate gifting sector.’"

03 07 12 chokablok203 07 12 chokablok