Plymouth Gin


Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard invited Design Bridge to redesign Plymouth Gin to express its credentials and unique heritage.

Design Bridge explored the archives of England’s oldest gin distillery to restore the authenticity of a protected gin that can only be made within Plymouth’s city walls.The home of Plymouth Gin, Black Friars Distillery, is the oldest working gin distillery in England where to this day every batch of Plymouth Gin is distilled in an original Copper Still. As a former monastery, Black Friar’s has it’s own unique history. built in 1431, the site is renowned as the Pilgrim’s last shelter before they set sail on the Mayflower for the New World. Understanding the craftsmanship and rich history of the brand Design Bridge was inspired to create an artisanal design.


The shape and uneven tinted glass of the new bottle evokes a bygone era and has been embossed with the founding date 1793 and Black Friars distillery name to remind people of Plymouth Gin’s 18th century origins.Design Bridge renewed original icons to express the brand’s authenticity. The Mayflower proudly features as the hero on the new bottle. The oval label, inspired by the archives, has been gilded with copper to link to the original Copper Still.As a treasured icon, the Monk-signifying the previous incumbents of the Distillery, has been restored to his full figure. Jovial and ghost-like he appears through the bottle, bringing to life an important saying for the brand “when his feet are dry it’s time to buy.”

Looking back to move forward, the new design is as an authentic discovery of Plymouth Gin’s craftsmanship.

Designed by Design Bridge 

Plymouth Gin line up

Plymouth Gin label detail

Plymouth Gin Monk detail

Plymouth Gin Mayflower detail