Trending: Hipster Edition

While its popularity and queues fluctuate, the hipster label has an identifiable style. The word sometimes has a negative stigma but it doesn't seem to be stopping the trend.

This is how Urban Dictionary (adversely) describes a hipster: "A individual who prides themselves on what they perceive to be their "unique" sense of style and entertainment. They can usually be identified by their skinny jeans, love of nostalgic items, thick rimmed glasses, and their smug sense of superiority. A conversation with a "hipster" will usually entail of obscure bands, designers, and politicians..."

If you prefer a visual (as well has humorous) description watch this clip from Portlandia, check out or this someecard describing the term.

In the design world we have seen brands like PBR become a stereotype that defines a hipster. There is also a site dedicated to redesigning popular brands into hipster brands.



This week we decided to feature recent package designs that also connect with the hipster trend. In packaging, the hipster esthetic is in the typography, iconography, minimalistic style, and vintage themes. While you may have already written off the term, these packages are quite popular on our site and should be appreciated for their quality design

Grady's Cold Brew


Mac and Ninny Paper Co

03 26 12 3typewriters

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slims

2 2 12 vivitar

Izola Candles

2 6 12 izola12

The Soap & Paper Factory: The Bella Collection

03 21 12 bella62

Student Spotlight : Boxer Lager


Before & After: Schwinn Packaging (Oldie but goodie)

6a00d8345250f069e20133ec5ed5ad970b 550wi

Izola Shoe Brush

11 1 11 brush4

Student Spotlight: ODIN Grooming Essential Kit

03 19 12 odin14

Upton's: Packaging From Natural Products Expo West

03 15 12 expo5

Student Spotlight: Curious Mixture Absinthe



12 26 12 negra5

Few Spirits


Austin Eastciders Gold Top

03 19 12 Cider5

Steveston Wine Co. Concept


Hilliard’s Beer

1 16 12 kil 1

Student Spotlight: Schwarz Wald

2 27 12 schwarz

Swoon (Oldie but goodie)

25 10 2010 labelmaker swoon cover

Student Spotlight: Transcendental Toddy Concept


Restoration Hardware Baby & Child


Student Spotlight: Ipswich Brewing Co.

Ipbeerdie 2Cjpg

Molly's Milk Truck

03 16 12 mollys4]

Concept Redesign: Grown Up Soda

2 17 12 grown1

And because hipsters appreciate retro packaging...

Vintage Packaging: Collection of Cigarette Packs

01 17 12 cigarette1

80s-themed General Mills Packaging

02 8 12 bigg

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