The Soap & Paper Factory: The Bella Collection

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The Soap & Paper Factory's new collection has an old world feel and a natural heart. Check out photos of The Bella Collection and an interview with one of the creators of Soap & Paper Factory: Lisa Devo.

About The Soap & Paper Factory:

We created this line to combine all natural, beautifully scented, handmade products wrapped in exquisite, earth friendly packages. Each pattern and fragrance are created together. Each fragrance is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Each pattern starts as a hand drawing often inspired by nature and finished with a modern flair.

Our products are hand crafted here in the USA. So much care and attention goes into each item, from sketch to production line, making each product is totally unique and great for your home and body. We use the best oils and go organic whenever possible.

Natural, Beautiful, Recyclable, and Reusable! Our line is designed with the environment in mind. We never test on animals. We never use petroleum, parabens, or phthalates. We chose recycled papers to wrap our boxes. We chose boxes and tubes made from recycled materials to hold our products.  Our ingredients are the purest on earth (and generally you can pronounce them!).



Gina Angie: Why was the collection named The Bella Collection?

Lisa Devo: The Bella Collection is named after a fragrance I made for my oldest daughter. She is now 16 and I wanted to make a fragrance that captured the beauty and innocence of this amazing person. The fragrance was matched to a pattern that spoke to us. Simple as that. The fragrance was created with bergamot (inspired by the earl grey tea she drinks every morning), grapefruit, litsea cubeba, and then a dash of black pepper. The pepper really changed the fragrance, and was totally appropriate.

Gina Angie: What inspired this collection?

Lisa Devo: This collection was inspired by our exploration in vintage badges and patterns, upbeat colors , and then incorporating our take on design with our bold patterns and florals. We really wanted something with a repeat pattern (which is unusual for us)….and to use other vessels for the candles (aside from our current glass).

Gina Angie: Who designed/illustrated the patterns for the packaging?

Lisa Devo: Originally, our friend, Beth Grubaugh (Dewey Howard) hand drew the floral patterns. Since then, we have managed to use her art, and Shannon has been incorporating our latest obsessions with the deco world/hand made patterns and Beth's work. Our color pallet is all dependent on the season, mood, and fragrance (since we create each product by fragrance and pattern).

Gina Angie: I love how the hand cream comes in a metal tube. Why did you decide to use the metal tube instead of a pump, jar or plastic tube?

Lisa Devo: Our line has such an old world feel. We still use old world methods in filling and making our products. Metal made sense. We envisioned the the cream tube half used in someones purse all twisted and squeezed up and liked the idea of having some texture there.

Gina Angie: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Lisa Devo: It has been an interesting trip! Our line has changed so much over the years, we really feel like it is a work in progress. A few things haven't changed. One is that we are always being inspired by everything around us,  and that from design, to fragrance, to product, we take great care in what we create.  Being able to use the most natural raw materials out there, (no gnarly chemicals) in the most beautiful package ever.  It is important for us to make things with our hands. Incorporating hand made elements to our packing like hand stamping or wrapping add up to a unique product.

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