Student Spotlight: Iron Ranger Camping Kit


Iron Ranger is not your ordinary camping kit.

"Inspiration for Iron Ranger was based off the idea of what camping has evolved into. Camping used to include tents, fire, and minimal supplies, but now camping revolves around the idea of comfort in the wilderness. There are huge RV and camper sellers that make millions because of our new definition of camping. The design of the kit was aimed at capturing this idea of luxury and sophistication. Its purpose is not to be kept in a tent out in the wilderness where weather and rough handling could ruin it, but rather in a warm cabin or comfortable camper. The logo design was meant to display the one factor that all forms of camping have in common, the fire. The fire brings people together after a long day of fishing, swimming, or hiking. No matter how you prefer to camp, it's not really camping without a fire at the end of the day. 


The product design is aimed at attracting an audience of high end campers. The idea was to make the packaging appear classy and minimalistic. The use of icons instead of type offers an easy usability feature. You automatically know what something is by the simple icon on the label. The color and font choice derived from the idea of wood and fire. The word 'Iron' is spelled out with a flowy, elegant font representing the flames of a fire, while the word 'Ranger' is a more rugged, sans-serif font representing the texture and feel of wood. The colors of orange and brown obviously represent the colors of fire and wood. White is also repeated throughout the design, subconsciously hinting at the clean, simplistic feel of the product."

Designed by Danielle Hop

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