Chesapeake Bay Candle: The CBC Collection

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A collection of candles and diffusers with unique scents inspired by Maryland's shoreline.

“We decided to use black and white photos with a transparency feel to strip the image back to its basics, to communicate a clean, elegant feel. The black and white photo brings that special twist to the collection. It is the main focus. When working on packaging for a new fragrance, getting to know the fragrance and its notes is my first and the most important step. The imagery we chose needs to communicate the character of the scent. I want the consumer to almost smell a fragrance just by looking at the packaging.” -- Designer Corina Heymann


About The CBC Collection:

The CBC Collection evokes a lifestyle of complete clarity and awareness as nature’s finest fragrances soothe your senses and bring you serenity Chesapeake Bay Candle, the candle and home fragrance brand synonymous with stylish design and unique, nature-inspired fragrances readies The CBC Collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

Despite transformations over the years, Chesapeake Bay Candle continually draws inspiration from the serene beauty of Maryland’s idyllic shoreline, home of the Chesapeake Bay. Reflecting the brand’s heritage, The CBC Collection evokes a lifestyle of complete clarity and awareness as nature’s finest fragrances soothe your senses and bring you quintessential serenity.

“It was nature, alone, that inspired our brand’s name more than sixteen years ago in the form of Maryland’s idyllic shoreline. What better way to pay homage to the pristine purity of the Chesapeake Bay than to develop a new collection celebrating its finest fragrances, textures and colors?” said Mei Xu, Creator & President of Chesapeake Bay Candle.

“Our contemporary botanical blends and fresh, transparent notes infuse a room with aromas so sheer they will enhance your atmosphere—rather than overwhelm and overpower. Evoking a lifestyle of complete clarity and awareness with such a simplistic approach, this type of transparency is sure to change more than just home fragrance and décor.”

With a new soft-finish glass technique, the fluidity of each vessel is mesmerizing not only to the eye, but also to the touch. Designed in a natural, décor-friendly palette with a bold touch for the daring decorator, these home fragrance solutions allow your personality to shine through.  Simply look to the pillar candles offered in a vast variety of sizes, and note the new translucent, iced finish in the hand-poured wax.

Simple and serene, botanical and aquatic elements of nature dance across the packaging of The CBC Collection. Colorful splashes of watercolor layered over clean lines of sheer, photo-reel images serve as a segue to the invigorating product within, as each glimpse of nature featured embodies the aroma inside.

In addition to the boxed high fragranced candles (MSRP $20) and an extensive offering of solid-colored and shades-of light pillar candles in six different sizes (MSRP $10 - $36), The CBC Collection also includes reed diffusers (MSRP $25), driftwood lid jar candles in two different sizes (MSRP $20 - $25), as well as votive sampler gift sets (MSRP $20).

The sophisticated, multi-note scents of The CBC Collection are designed to represent the various fragrance families - offering something for every taste and every fragrance personality. As with all Chesapeake Bay Candle collections, each fragrance is skillfully enhanced with essential aroma oils.

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