FRe Wine Redesign


For this project Trinchero asked Michael Osborne Design to create a range of evolutionary brand identity and packaging design solutions starting with minor changes to the existing elements.

The old color palette (vibrant and bright) gave the brand the pop that is needed to draw the consumer’s attention. "Trinchero asked us to continue to differentiate with color by varietal while exploring colors that improve wine and quality cues. Concurrently we adjusted one or more aspects of the front label and closure, all of which met the marketing objectives in slightly different ways. We had to design knowing that the new packaging design system would sit on the shelf with the old as the wine sells through at retail. So, while FRe had been hard to find, we didn't want to make it even harder during (or after) the transition. "

Designed By Michael Osborne and Henry Lannan at Michael Osborne Design.

Modsf fre merlotModsf fre brutModsf fre premiumredModsf fre chardModsf fre premiumwhiteModsf fre whitezin