Packaging From Natural Products Expo West

03 15 12 expo12310

The week before last Tiana and I attended the Nautral Products Expo West to check out the great designs being produced in the natural products category. We divided our findings into: Health & Beauty, Pet, Food, Kids and Baby, Household and Cleaning Supply, & Beverage packaging. We will also be spotlighting some of our favorites as features (with more photos and information) in the coming weeks.

Health & Beauty

BRÖÖ Your Do

Craft Beer body & haircare. I adore the 'Broo a six pack of beautiful' on the right.

03 15 12 expo11

Nourish organic hand wash

03 15 12 expo10

Love & Toast

We fell in love with this girly and bright collection of beauty products and were delighted to find out that a portion of Love + Toast sales goes directly to Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc. (one of my personal favorite non-profits).

03 15 12 loveandtoast

We were thrilled to see Sir Richard's representing their Dieline Award win!

03 15 12 sir

Vintage Thayers packaging on display

03 15 12 expo1239


wag more bark less from Cloud Star natural pet products

03 15 12 expo1118

Doggy Delirious Natural Dog Treats

03 15 12 expo1234

Puppy Dust wheat-free and corn-free treats

03 15 12 expo1236


Hi I'm Skinny Sticks

We love the personality conveyed on these matte bags of multi-grain snack sticks.

03 15 12 expo8

Grains of Youth

03 15 12 expo7

New Theo Chocolate Bar designs

03 15 12 expo12

Organic Rice by Lotus Foods

03 15 12 expo13

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

03 15 12 expo12323

We have featured Justin's Before & After but we loved their booth displays at the expo so we had to share.

Packaging  so good it was framed!

03 15 12 expo1233

Upton's Naturals

We loved the 'hipster' quality this packaging has. The illustration style and colors were eye catching at the expo.

03 15 12 expo5

Hemp Hearts

03 15 12 expo111

Kids & Baby

Episencial Skin and healthcare

The illustrations on this packaging were taken (legally we were told) from the children's book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

03 15 12 expo1113

Little Twig

I am so in love with the little twig logo and branding. The products appears nurturing and the design is simply delightful.

03 15 12 twig

Babies & Up by Everyday Shea

We had to share these adorable 2 and 3 color illustrations.

03 15 12 expo1237

Household and Cleaning


We have featured the Ecologic Brand before but were delighted to see that they came out with a white molded fiber design.

03 15 12 expo123122


We have featured some of Nellies's products before but we encountered more/updated designs and the expo. We will also be doing on a spotlight on the brand since its retro inspired packaging is just so alluring!

03 15 12 nellies

Califia Farms Almond Milk

03 15 12 expo6


While we thought this was just a unique branding tactic we found that ojo blends the prevention of AREDS1 & 2 vitamins, with the protection ofLutein, Omega-3's & Vitamin B's and the sight preserving benefits of super fruits, anthocynosides and antioxidants into a beverage.

03 15 12 expo2

Hi Ball Energy

Colored dots appear when the can gets cold!

03 15 12 expo123

The Republic of Tea: Be Active Teas

03 15 12 expo1116

ethical bean coffee

Every package of ethical coffee comes with a QR code that shares detailed information about your specific bag of beans!

03 15 12 expo1112

Hubert's Lemonade

03 15 12 hubert

Joia All Natural Soda

03 15 12 expo4

Blk. Water

There is a hidden message on the bottle after you drink all of the black water. We will feature this brand on the site soon so stay tuned for more information and more photos.

03 15 12 expo3

As a bonus we wanted to share some of the business card designs from the expo.

03 15 12 expo1

Gina Angie