Student Spotlight: GollaGolla


In a world of increasing computer usage, more and more people are spending large amounts of time working at the computer. Although the majority of this progression has occurred relatively recently, the negative implications of these prolonged hours of labor are quickly taking their toll on the human body.

GollaGolla is built on the concept of preemptive protection against these ailments and injuries. Its target demographic is young computer users age 18-30. An increasing number of this group have professions and educational pursuits that require them to spend long hours at the computer, and many do not take proper care of themselves while doing so. GollaGolla offers a fun, unique and creative way to exercise as well as increasing the user’s understanding of the importance of exercise in the prevention of injury. To help safeguard people from the physical ails of prolonged uninterrupted computer use, GollaGolla features a deck of 50 illustrated activities that help cure and prevent common injuries including poor circulation, tension, stress, stiff muscles and tight joints.

The deck set includes: 7 head and neck exercises, 9 upper body exercises, 7 lower body exercises, 9 limbs exercises, 7 “take a break” cards (bathroom time, eat fruit, look at greenery), 7 combination exercises, 2 “shuffle the deck” cards, and 2 blank cards allowing the user to create favorite combinations or invent their own exercises.With a fun and friendly brand language and logo-form as well as the personified GollaGolla Gorilla, users have an exciting and broad brand experience. This includes the Gymnastic cards, the GollaGolla iPhone application and a screen saver set. The user cannot only benefit from the iPhone application by accessing the exercises and instructional illustrations but also by activating periodic timers to remind them to stretch or take breaks throughout the workday.


Designed by Qian Sun, a graphic design MFA candidate in Savannah College of Art and Design