Gazelli Cosmetics

Created by Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva and her daughter Jamila, Gazelli scientifically harnesses the power of active natural ingredients grown in their native Azerbaijan to create innovatively effective skincare.

The mother-daughter team select only the very finest ingredients from Azerbaijan based both on the potency of their health-giving properties and the traditional know-how of the local communities that hand-harvest them.  "I wanted to connect all the facets of who we are as women, and develop something that reflected us all; a creation which would combine the healer, the nurturer, the love of beauty and culture, the practical woman, and the woman who takes pleasure in making an impact on the world around her." Dr. Hamzayeva

Using her scientific knowledge in the fields of genetics and prevention, Dr. Hamzayeva decided to develop beauty products from the magnificent natural resources found in her home country of Azerbaijan. From the earth itself, she created a brand she called Gazelli, a leading beauty group, in Azerbaijan and neighbouring countries.


"Because we believe that beauty comes first from within, and because we love the cultural heritage of our country, we decided to craft the name of our brand from the word ‘Ghazel’. Ghazel is a form of lyrical poetry that praises beauty, youth and love. These short poems speak of the untouchable, mysterious beauty of women, whose silk dresses and strands of rubies haunt the days and nights of men enraptured by love.

"We illustrated our packaging with drawings conjuring up local tapestry and fabric patterns with scenes of rural life. We wish it to be an extension of hospitality in our poetic land of beauty." Jamila Askarova