Jonathan Adler & WallPops Wall Art Lin


When it came to the packaging, it needed to be clean and uncluttered allowing the consumer to see the dense colorful patterns of the product.

"Starting with a white background, the inserts incorporate the individual patterns and colors of each design allowing each package to be unique. Unity is then brought into the line by using consistent scale and locations for each pattern along with consistent typography. To simplify the roomset concept on the front of the inserts, furniture was pulled out of the traditional room setting which provided two benefits.  It allowed for a cleaner setting without sacrificing scale. It also put more emphasis on the product, bringing it more into the foreground. To further enhance the connection between WallPops and Adler, we used his furniture and pottery on the fronts. The white, starkness of his designs added a funky feel and connection to the designs without stealing focus from the products being featured."



Designed by Brewster Home Fashions.

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