Herdade do Peso Wines


The new image, created by Design Bridge (London), delivers a Taste / Face concept.


"It looks like a face, where you can see the eyes and the nose.The idea was all about the taste of the product and the senses when you drink the wine – all about the experience.The shape of Herdade do Peso is the eye, it is where the wine comes from. The wine name is the lips, where you taste it.The “round” format of the logo represents the Winery’s entrance gate – as seen in the picture attached. The black box takes three bottles of Herdade do Peso wines.The white box is the kit we used to launch the new image last year, and takes two bottles. The pictures used are not models, but “real” people from the Alentejo – where the brand originates – as we wanted to capture the essence, the genuinity and the emotion that the Alentejo has, as well as our wines from Herdade do Peso."


Box Herdade do Peso Ícone fundo claro Packshot

Herdade do Peso Ícone 2007 with box fundo escuro Packshot 01

Herdade do Peso Ícone Red sem ano de colheita Stylish

Herdade do Peso Range sem ano de colheita Packshot

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