Student Spotlight: Michael Zoidis

Bloom & Pupa designed by Michael Zoidis.



"Bloom is a brand new gourmet sandwich bar that will be offering the finest selection of beautifully concocted sandwichs, with culinary vision creating a superior eating pleasure. The packaging serves to generate the feel of a high end boutique shop, targetting men and women who may regularly shop at gourmet delicatessens such as Selfridges or David Jones foodhalls. The raised typography reflecting the freshly prepared bread that would rise and bake in their ovens, on site every day."



"I created the artwork for my own E.P entitled Pupa. The artwork and Pupa typography take inspiration from the concept behind the music; the life stage of insects undergoing metamorphis. The thread was used to symboise the fragility of a cocoon, and the remnants of what the insect leaves behind as it flourishes into a butterfly."