Student Spotlight: Grub

"Brief: Self directed project. I found there was a gap in the market and children had the option of unhealthy savoury snacks such as crisps or healthy fruit based snacks such as fruit an smoothies. I have choose to create a healthy vegetable based snack for children.

Outcome: I have created the brand ‘Grub’ which is a range of vegetable crisps aimed at children. The aim is to get children snacking on healthier foods to combat the increase in child obesity. The range includes carrot, beetroot and sweet potato crisps which can be bought in a multipack, aimed at mum’s who buy them and the children who eat them.

I have created characters for each vegetable in the range using a picture of the actual vegetable, each has its own characteristics. I have used brown paper to represent the natural brand values, each bag has a flat base to help prevent the crisps breaking. The pack can be open by pulling the top like regular crisps. I have added a ‘spot the difference’ puzzle on the back of the packs to add a fun element for the children."

Designed by Chloe Rollinson, a final year Graphic Design student at Sheffield Hallam University.

Gina AngieUnited Kingdom